Sunday, January 16, 2011

Archers of Loaf, First Show in a Decade, Pics

Just went to see my favorite local band in a long time, the Love Language, at the Cat's Cradle In Carrboro, NC, and guess who was the surprise opener?

Archers of Loaf!

Influential Chapel Hill indie rock heroes. Their first show in a decade!

Pictures here, maybe more to come later. (maybe video?)

Set list, courtesy mumblepop on youtube:
1) Audiowhore
2) Harnessed in Slums
3) Revenge
4) Nostalgia
5) Lowest Part is Free
6) Freezing Point
7) Greatest of All Time
8) You and Me
9) Might
10) Web in Front
11) Wrong
12) Slow Worm
Great pics of the headliner, the Love Language, to come later.

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