Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wye Oak - Local 506, 3/12/11

Baltimore duo Wye Oak played to a sold out crowd at Local 506 the other night. Although they've been described as "indie folk", the word "folk" is probably more an artifact of the minimal cast and instrumentation. One listen belies that minimalism. They create a lush, sonically drenched sound that wanders between shoegaze and soaring pop. Think My Bloody Valentine... a pastoral Sonic Youth. Andy Stack works drums, keyboard and loops like he's been doing it for years (and I guess he has), creating a backing band all on his own. Jenn Wasner's crisp, clarion of a voice can be at once soft and intense, and is the focal point of the band's sound. But I hadn't really taken full notice the first time I saw them, that she can really RAWK the guitar. Unfortunately, after this second show of their tour (their first was broadscast live on NPR... that's where all the buzz bands go these days, didn't ya know?), Jenn's voice gave out. There were a few painful looking coughs between lyrics this night. So they've cancelled the next show or two on the tour. Here's hoping she gets better so the rest of the country can enjoy the great show they gave Chapel Hill.

Here's a few pics of the show.

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