Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching Up - Local Shows, Summer/Fall 2011

Haven't posted here in awhile, but I've been to a few good shows, so here's a sampling via a few of the better photos and a video. A more extensive review and photos/video of the recent T0W3RS/Wesley Wolfe/Spider Bags Local Band Local Beer night at Tir Na Nog is to come, because I wanted to devote more space to T0W3RS, who were realy impressive.

Missy Thangs (Love Language, Soft Company) in her solo debut... way back in June... at Tir Na Nog. I remember a Velvet Underground feel.

Lake Isle, whom Miss Thangs opened for. Not great, but the use of trumpet gave them a unique edge.

These guys were watching a show at Kings Barcade back in August; but then they always do.

The show featured Cassis Orange, who had a clean, 80s-influenced synth feel (see video below)...

...and Oulipo, who were supposed to sound like Animal Collective (and do somewhat, studio-wise), but were much more straight-ahead-rock-and-roll live.

New Town Drunks, at Nightlight 9/7/11. They're a great, fun bar band with quirky, unexpected twists and turns, and strong vocals from singer Diane Koistinen (ex-DeSchmog! Okay, probably nobody but me and Jolee Holland remember them).

Zen Frisbee playing one of a couple of recent gigs, here, at the Pinhook 9/17/11. They were apparently one of the local indie-punk legends back in the day, before my Triangle time. I could hear that -- they definitely had "it" -- but I felt like I was missing something (probably because I wasn't there).

Not really "local" except to my old NOLA haunts... Soul Rebels Brass Band returned to Papa Mojo's to bring some real funked up jazz to the Triangle (10/7/11). Always a blast, their regular gig is at Les Bons Temps in New Orleans. That used to be my grandpa and great uncles' corner bar!

Lastly, here's a video of Cassis Orange doing "Listen Heartbeat" at the Kings show.

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