Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Videos, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands - "Adungu" and "Malagueña Salerosa"

I took a couple of videos of Cystal Bright and the Silver Hands at the Cave the other week (6/7/12). They're playing two of my favorites:  Adungu and Malagueña Salerosa.

An adungu is the African harp she's playing in this song of the same name.  I love Diego (Diaz's) eerie slide along with it.  Percussionist Sandy Blocker and bassist Aaron Bond were also great, and Will Ridenour joined them to provide a little extra percussion.

From her flawless delivery of Malagueña Salerosa, you'd think Crystal was Spanish or Mexican.  She has spent time in a mariachi band (Malagueña is a classic traditional Mexican song), as well as in Spain.  The video weirds out a little at the beginning (thank my shaky hand and Youtube software's best effort at stabilizing it), but it clears up after the first 30-40 seconds.  

I'll have to remember to post photos from this show later.  Birdeatsbaby, from Brighton, UK, came all the way over the pond, and were a great opener for Crystal.

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