Friday, August 17, 2012

Lollipops (the Pinhook, 8/3/12)

Here's a few photos of the Lollipops from the Pinhook two weeks back.  Iggy Cosky is onto something here.  Lollipops are very fun:  pop-rock-dance-indie... a regular festival of genre-bending.  Their new CD, Pop Narcotics, ranges from Stooges-swagger to 60's Wall-of-Sound to Elephant 6 weirdness...  and that's just in the first 6 minutes. 

I had hoped to write more now, but it's been a hella couple of weeks (auto accident, autistic son struggling).  I really hope to make their show next Thursday at Local Beer Local Bands night (Tir Na Nog, 8/23/12).  But if I don't, at least you should.  They're playing with Greensboro's Estrangers and John Lindsay.  It should be a great show. 

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