Thursday, January 31, 2013

Magic and Wonder: The Music Tapes' Traveling Imaginary Tour (Cat's Cradle, 1/28/13)

The Music Tapes impart a childlike glee and a magical wonder to their audience through their shows.  Since things like magic and wonder can be hard to express with mere words, I thought I’d try something different for their indoor circus-tent tour, the Traveling Imaginary.  So I’ve made a short little film to capture what my “night at the circus” was like.

Bandleader Julian Kostner, member of the Elephant 6 Collective and formerly of Neutral Milk Hotel, is whimsy personified.  It’s as if he’s on a mission to help all of us reclaim our inner child.  Having seen the Music Tapes twice, I can attest that they’re making great strides towards that noble cause… be it via big-top, lullaby, or Christmas caroling tours.  In addition to the music, props, and games, Julian is a wonderful storyteller.  His lilting voice relates tales of quirky characters and places unknown, or forgotten, touching the mind and the heart. 

I’ll leave the stories to him.  It seems only right that some of these things should be kept secret, as they are best experienced in person.  Even one of the games was kept hidden from those of us in attendance, unless -- and only if -- they chose (one-by-one) to play it! 

I’ll just let the film tell the rest of the tale.  Enjoy!

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