Wednesday, July 24, 2013

GHOSTTE BLLONDE & Djingis (The Cave, 7/20/13)

So I finally got around to seeing GHOSTTE BLLONDE.  I had heard murmurs about this band, and that they had some connection with Iggy from Lollipops.  What I never knew was that it was the new band of Marc James Kuzio from Coastal Vision, a group that broke up before I ever got the chance to see them live, but who's EP I have since enjoyed many times over.

I feel like I missed something in Coastal Vision, so when GHOSTTE BLLONDE released an album a couple of weeks ago, I snatched it up with some anticipation... anticipation that was well-deserved.  It's a great collection of 60s/beachy-influenced tunes that are alternately brooding and ebullient.  Kuzio holds forth as though Brian Wilson were doing his best Elvis impersonation, earnestly crooning with the teen-angst emotion that he can still barely claim the right to, but with a songwriting skill well beyond his years.  The CD is called TrashPop//DoomWop, and the name perfectly captures their sound.  I'll have to give it a full review when I have time, but suffice it to say that the live show lived up to what I had hoped from the CD.

They were the opener for a 4-band lineup of which I only saw the first half, but the second act was another local I hadn't seen, Djingis.  They surprised me for a band I hadn't even heard of yet... very tight and a lotta noise for a trio.  Good jazzy interplay between bass and drums... maybe equal parts Archers of Loaf and Social Distortion?  Anyway, I had things to do the next morning, but I'm glad I stayed after GHOSTTE BLLONDE to catch Djingis.


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