Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ocracoke Anthology - A Summer NC Mixtape

Here's a little summery mix of NC-based music I put together for my own personal listening pleasure on an upcoming weekend out on the OBX. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can enjoy it too! Don't be fooled by the start of the first cut (from Trevor Old Brown courtesy Wilmington's MixGrotto collective). It begins rather slowly, but soon builds to a reverb-laden, Walker Brothers-style, blue-eyed smoulder of soul. Which, to me, is very beachy. We also have the obvious summeriness (is that a word? no? tough) of coastal natives Free Clinic (Wilmington) and Zack Mexico (Kill Devil Hills) as anchors, two bands that simply need to be included on such a comp. Twice each. These bands bracket the poppy punkiness of Naked Naps and See Gulls near the beginning and end. The soaring indie edges of Wichita Falls, Love Language, North Elementary, and Lilac Shadows transition in and out of a middle which features a detour into the more electronic: T0W3RS, Wild Fur, Future Islands, and Slyvan Esso.

It's amazing to me that all this great music came out of this state. I hope it all works together. Anyway, it's all beachy to me... mainly 'cuz it's what I'm going to be spending breezy nights on an island harborfront listening to in a few days. If you like any of these tunes, please go to the respective band pages, and do your part to support local/regional music by buying them. Instead of just sponging free tunes via Spotify or my low-tech version, ya big... uh... sponge? BTW, I still count Future Islands as local by virtue of their Greenville roots. Go Pirates, Arrgghhhh! And I think Brown has settled in my own NOLA (go Jean Lafitte, Arrgghhhh!). Now I gotta go say hi to Blackbeard's ghost.

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