Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free Clinic - "Young"

As I already said on the Facebook page, I know I've been referencing and writing about Wilmington's Free Clinic and Raleigh's GHOSTT BLLONDE a lot lately.  But between them, they give NC two of the best bands ANYWHERE doing the beachy, indie-pop thing. Whereas most bands treading similar territory just ape 50's-60's styles in a slightly updated homage (see Best Coast), these two temper ragged, punk edges with much more original melodies and song structures. This makes them infinitely more interesting and fun.

While GB is a bit more trashy and thunderous, FC are more a kind of breezy punk; their songs  just make y wanna melt into the music.  But they both can  write the heck out of a melody.

So following the GHOSTT BLLONDE video just posted, here's one of Free Clinic from across town the same night.    My camera doesn't quite capture their sound as well as seeing them live, or their recorded stuff.  Go to their bandcamp page and givem a proper listen.  

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