Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Phuzz Phest 2016: Some of the Locals...

I'm a local music guy, so I usually approach these festivals (Phuzz Phest & Hopscotch) as a boon; so many of the great local bands all in a couple of days!  There are too many to list here, and I won't be able to see them all.  But below are a handful of videos I've accumulated over recent months/years of some of the better ones playing; a mini-video playlist if you will.  They're listed with the whens and the wheres for this weekend, April 14th-16th.  The wristband shows start on Friday, 15th.

Free Clinic (Thursday, 7:00pm; Texas Pete's Phuzz Phest Kickoff Party, FREE):

Teardrop Canyon (Friday, 7:45pm, The Garage) :

Skylar Gudasz (Friday, 9:30pm, Krankie's):

Naked Gods (Saturday, 7:00pm, Bailey Park):

Zack Mexico (Saturday, 10:45pm, The Garage):

Brett Harris (Saturday, 11:40pm, Test Pattern):

Other NC bands that will be great, because they always are (and I know I'm leaving some good ones out):  Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, Lacy Jags, Jphono1, The Tills, and Body Games.

Later, I'll post my picks for a few of the national/international acts (or locals I haven't seen yet) that I'm particularly looking forward to.  Check out PhuzzPhest.com for the full schedule.

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