Saturday, July 2, 2016

No One Mind - Live Debut (Ruby Deluxe, Raleigh, NC, 6/25/16)

Every once in a while, a great band hatches fully formed.  That happens more around here than some places, due to the deep pool of talent we’re lucky to have in NC.  In this case, veteran musicians Missy Thangs (Love Language, Birds of Avalon), Ellis Anderson, and Noah Dehmer broke -- apparently not very amicably -- from the band Toddlers and formed No One Mind.  They "hatched" -- live birth -- at downtown Raleigh's new-ish backdoor venue, Ruby Deluxe, a couple of weeks back, and had already recorded their debut LP (out September on Third Uncle).  Missy and Ellis play keys and guitar, respectively, while Dehmer remains a songwriting partner.  The rest of the stage roles are filled by Joel Willis on drums and Sam Logan (Lilac Shadows) on bass.

While Anderson fronts the band, No One Mind (as the name suggests) is an amalgam of its parts.  Just within their recently-released 7-inch, the sound ranges from the heavy, bass-driven pop of Born Again to the psychedelic, synth-laden, Moody Blues-y mini-opus, Baron Gain.  The overall vibe is restlessly brooding, but not too dark.  Live, they’re a bit more upbeat, though still intense and fun.  Keep an eye out; guaranteed to be a good show.

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