Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Break, A New Chapter

The blog's been out of commission for awhile. It's been an eventful month or so. My wife had a complicated and painful neurosurgical procedure in mid-December. Then just before Christmas, she told me she's moving out. After Christmas, I took the kids (for an already-planned trip) to NOLA to visit family and friends, including my Dad. He has Alzheimer's, and barely remembered me (if at all). We came back to a less full house, and I spent much time with Jennifer (our 21 year-old) and Colin (11, who is autistic), working, and lining up childcare options for the weeks Colin will be spending here. So the holidays were bittersweet, to say the least.

But a new chapter begins, and hopefully everyone will come out of this healthy and happy.

While I mostly stayed close to home (here or in NOLA), I did see a couple of shows in that time. Let's just say that seeing Soul Rebels Brass Band at their home base (and my old hangout, Le Bons Temps) in New Orleans is a COMPLETELY different experience than seeing them at Papa Mojo's up here in the Triangle. Props to Mel Melton for bringing them up here, but Le Bons Temps was packed. I mean Bourbon-Street-on-Mardi-Gras-Day, sardine-can, packed. It was good to see the city so booming with tourists and music fans alike, showing it is well on its way to recovery. I did note, however, this interesting reminder just a block from my brother's house in Lakeview.

Visit NOLA if you can. We almost lost her. She needs you, and you need her... whether you know it or not.

Here and there, music, and life, goes on.

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