Sunday, February 13, 2011

Congratulations to the Triangle's Merge Record's and Arcade Fire!

How weird it is that little indie label Merge Record's little indie band Arcade Fire is playing the "headline' spot on the Grammys? I guess no more weird than them winning Album of the Year, which they just did!

Singer Win Butler looks simply buoyant at winning. I mean, he's smiling ear-to-ear, looking genuinely happy, as they play "Ready to Start" to close the show. Indie and punk rock have sure come a long way.

Congrats to Arcade Fire. Congrats to Mac MacCaughan, Laura Ballance and our little Merge Records.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soft Company and Antibubbles at Motorco, Durham, 2/5/11

Two Raleigh bands played up in Durham last night - Soft Company and Antibubbles (Vibrant Green and Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan were also on the bill, but I missed them). It was dubbed the Aquarian Birthday Party, and any Aquarians got in free. It was my first visit to Motorco, and it really is a top quality live venue... good sound, facilities, nice-but-not-massive beer selection, tiered "ampitheater"-type seating around the fringes.

Both Antibubbles and Soft Company make pretty heavy use of keyboards, and mine prior decades for their sound. But while giving props to the past, neither act sounds too retro. Antibubbles updates the '90s Cali pop-punk genre, and is a little more straight-ahead of the two. Soft Company has an 80s feel and delves into more experimental pop - I'm reminded of Santogold listening to them now (though I realy didn't get that from the live show). Either way, both bands put on fun shows, and are worth seeing when you get the chance.

Here's a few photos from the show. First four are Soft Company, then two of Antibubbles, then one of the ghost of Antibubbles playing in the street next to Motorco. ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Veelee, @ Buoyancy Benefit for Moving Island (1/29/11)

Last weekend in Raleigh, there was a benefit for a new art/music/creative space called Moving Island. It's opening right next door to another communal/music space, the Ruby Red, as a little artistic oasis begins to build just north of trendy Glenwood South. Moving Island is shooting for non-profit status and taking memberships. Besides the odd music and art show, they're planning on holding classes in several artistic areas, and performing various other artistic outreach efforts. Right now, only one floor is open, but it will eventually open as a multilevel community space. See for more info.

Several bands played on this night (it was a 2-night deal) -- including Lonnie Walker, Gray Young, and Veelee. Here, Veelee performs a new song, "Bruises Easily". It's a Sonic Youth-y number which demonstrates there ability to create a raucous intensity well-beyond what you'd expect from a two-piece.