Monday, March 31, 2014

Rogue Band of Youth - "Our Hunter" (Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC, 3/29/14)

Here we have Chapel Hill's new-ish Rogue Band of Youth performing the song "Our Hunter", from their eponymous debut long-player.  This was from their record release show at Nighlight in Chapel Hill, NC.  The song was apparently Grateful Dead-inspired.  Lately, I've been having my musical tastes challenged quite a bit, which is a good thing.  At recent shows, it's been the dance-y vibe of T0W3RS, Body Games and the like.  Now, it's the opposite extreme: the Deadhead vibe of RBOY (at least on this song).  I thought I hated these things!  Turns out, even my jaded ol' musical ears have room for expansion.

Anyway, this is a beautiful song, and it was a great show... I'll try to post photos later.  Apologies if the distortion provided courtesy the "great" audio of my DSLR takes away from the wonderful harmonies.  If you want to hear the original in its pristine state, buy the album at their bandcamp page.